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Liability to the Wealth Tax?

A report in the carries a very concerning report which strongly implies that the Wealth Tax will be extended to British and Dutch people working in Norway.  The full story can be found here, and it starts as below. Starting this year, some foreigners who live in their home country but work in Norway…

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Registration at Tax Offices (update)

A number of our clients are reporting that they have been to the Tax Office in Norway to prove their identity as advised on previous correspondence from Skatteetaten. The latest update is that the tax office are apparently being advised by the tax officers that you do not need to attend for registration if: You…

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Introduction of ID checks

Introduction of ID checks from 1 April for foreign workers employed by foreign enterprises The Norwegian Tax Administration has introduced identity checks for foreign workers who are to carry out work in Norway in order to actively prevent people from operating under false identities. Foreign workers who have previously been given a tax deduction card…

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