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Norway Tax are a specialist consultancy of fully qualified and highly experienced accountants providing advice and solutions on UK and Norwegian tax compliance to companies and individuals who have any involvement with the Norwegian tax system.

Unlike many of our competitors, we provide a sensibly priced solution which it typically half the price of Aberdeen accountants and 33% of the cost and hassle of Norwegian firms.

Norway tax

We are a-melding compliant and can file electronically

The PAYE and tax system in Norway is every bit as complex as the UK system, but also has many more and different reporting requirements, and a full understanding of the Norwegian tax system is vital in order to meet your obligations.

<h2>Compliance in Norway is important</h2>

Failure to meet the reporting requirements is potentially a much more serious matter than in the UK, and with a qualified accountant helping you through the maze, we can make life simple for you.  And avoid the cost and bureaucracy that a Norwegian accountant has to apply

We are registered in Norway with Skaatteeten and with HMRC in the UK.

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We currently act for dozens of employers and over 250 individuals and companies, helping them prepare their Norwegian payrolls and to submit their business and personal tax returns. At the present time we submit around 200 payroll returns each month covering businesses of all sizes.

Unlike other Norwegian payroll bureaux, we make sure your employees receive a Norway compliant payslip each and every month to evidence the taxable income and tax paid in Norway.

Contact us on 0141 237 3878 or by email to Sue Nicolson.