Consultant services

Are you managing your own Norwegian payroll, but want some independent reassurance from a fully qualified professional consultant that you are doing it correctly?

Are you concerned about what you might be missing when you calculate the liabilities due to the Norwegian or UK tax authorities?

As consultants we can undertake a complete review of your processes and either identify weaknesses or give you a clean bill of health.

Alternatively, you may want us to look at one specific area about which you are uncertain.  Whether that is expenses, travel costs, accommodation expenses or issues surrounding residency in Norway, we can provide you with a tailored solution to fully meet all your needs.

If you have the luxury of time before you have to move staff to Norway, then we can also advise on how best to structure the payments and the transfer and help identify issues before they arise.

If staff are likely to become Norwegian resident, or if you employ Norwegian nationals, then other issues arise and need to be identified and dealt with early before they become expensive problems.

We can come to you or just do it by secure email; all for a very reasonable fee.