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If you are employed by a UK company but working in Norway, then you may have a requirement to complete a Norwegian Tax Return as well as a UK return.

These are simple for us to undertake on your behalf.

The timetable in Norway for lodging your Tax Return is tight, but we have all the forms to ensure that the deadlines can be met. Contact us early to get everything set-up and then forward all your P60 equivalents (form RF-1015B or Lønns-og trekkoppgave) along with any pin codes and proof of identity and we can deal with it all from there, by filing returns and claims on your behalf. Unlike the UK, the End of Year certificates are non-cumulative, and we will need the details of each and every employment in the tax year.

We deal with a huge range of clients including off-shore workers and merchant seamen, so there is little that we haven’t seen before.

Many employees find that they might have underpaid Norwegian taxes due to the effect of some taxable expenses. Unlike the UK, the computation of your tax liability is not cumulative and some taxable expenses are only quantified when they appear on your Lønns-og trekkoppgave which can make the position very complex. We can help you claim all your allowances to minimise the total amount of tax due.

Unlike other payroll agents, we make sure all employees receive a Norway compliant payslip each and every month to evidence the taxable income and tax paid.

We have taxpayers who have multiple tax returns to submit, for instance Norway, UK and Canadian returns and we have successfully lodged Returns in each of these Countries. Indeed, one client obtained a tax refund from all three countries.

If we can’t help you reduce your liability, we will tell you immediately, and avoid wasting your time and money.

Contact us today for details of how little employing a team of highly skilled specialised chartered accountants will cost you.  And how much it could save you in time, worry and fines.

More detailed advice on Tax Cards is available here.