Tax returns in Norway and the UK

Tax returns in Norway and the UK

Norway-tax can help you through the process of submitting your tax returns in both Norway and the UK.  We aim to make it as easy as possible for you to comply.

We have decades of experience in doing this, and we can guarantee that you will be able to speak to a UK resident, in the UK, who will guide you through the process.

It can be quite complex to understand your responsibilities, so this a brief guide to what you need to do, and a rough outline of the process that will be followed.


Month,Employer,Employee (You),Skatteetaten,Norway-tax

January,End of Year Certificate issued,,Tax information automatically updated into tax returns,

February,,Send End of Year Certificate to Norway-tax,Draft tax returns issued,We register you with Altinn (if necessary)

March,,Send us any Pin Codes you receive,,

,,Collate and send on details of any other deductions you wish to claim,,

April,,Send us a scan of your Discharge Book for the previous calendar year,Norwegian tax returns issued for amendments,

May,,,,We submit amended return on your behalf

October,,,Tax assessment issued and any refund paid,We appeal any errors in the tax return

November,,,,UK Tax returns submitting using the final tax assessment
January following,,You pay any additional UK tax due,


Tax returns - NorwayWhy do I pay tax in the UK, when I already pay it in Norway?

As a UK resident you are liable to pay tax in the UK on your worldwide income, but you receive a credit for the tax already paid in Norway.

This means that you pay the basis amount of tax in Norway and only any additional tax in the UK.

Will I have more tax to pay in the UK?

Possibly, if your income exceeds £80,000pa, earned exclusively in Norway.

This is because the tax rates in the UK are higher than in Norway at that level of income. And, yes, the UK actually has a higher tax rate than Norway on income about £80,000.

If your income is from multiple countries or multiple sources, the computation is much more complex, which is where Norway-tax will make it simple for you.  Please contact us if you need more information.

Please note that employees NI included in Skatt paid cannot be offset against UK tax.