Working in Norway

Before you sign that contract in Norway to take up your employment it us essential you understand the tax implications.

Basically, if you earn less than £70,000 you will pay more tax in Norway than you would in the UK. Above that and HMRC will want more tax from you. The HMRC computers know how much tax you should be paying, and errors will lead to tax investigations.

Being an employer in Norway

You will need us to help you with tax registration in Norway and with processing the payroll.

We can ensure your staff and contractors pay the correct amount of tax and that you report this correctly to Skatteetaten as and when you are required to.

Advising clients on Norwegian tax

If you are an accountant with a client who has a contract in Norway we can advise you or your client directly to ensure they meet your obligations.

We can provide "white label" services to your client allowing you to retain and enhance your relationship.

We never try to steal your client.

Tax experience and ability in both Norway and the U.K.

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Contact us

WWe can be contacted at our three offices in Glasgow, Stornoway and Kilmarnock.

Glasgow: 0141 237 3878
Stornoway: 01851 700362
Kilmaurs: 01563 578900

We are not in Aberdeen. But do you really want to pay Aberdeen prices?

What we will do

YYou will find that we will give you practical sensible business advice on how best to minimise your overall tax bill.

That doesn't mean no tax, because that is just not legally possible, but it doors mean that your overall Tax charge is minimised between the UK and Norway.

The benefits

TThe benefit to you from our expertise to reduce your overall tax liability and tax risk.

You will have a relatively modest fee from us in exchange for piece of mind and confidence that you are fully compliant with all the tax and reporting requirements.

  • Who are Norway Tax?

    Norway Tax are a specialist consultancy of fully qualified and highly experienced accountants providing advice and solutions on UK and Norwegian tax compliance to companies and individuals who have any involvement with the Norwegian tax system.

    Norway tax are award winners

    Nominees for the 2016 British Accountancy Awards

    The PAYE and tax system in Norway is every bit as complex as the UK system, but also has many more and different reporting requirements, and a full understanding of the Norwegian tax system is vital in order to meet your obligations.

    Founded by Sue Nicolson and Angus Nicolson in 2004, we have grown through our determination to provide an excellent service to all our clients.

    Failure to meet the reporting requirements is potentially a much more serious matter than in the UK, and with a qualified accountant helping you through the maze, we can make life simple for you.

    We currently act for dozens of employers and over 250 individuals and companies, helping them prepare their Norwegian payrolls and to submit their business and personal tax returns.  At the present time we submit around 200 payroll returns each month covering

    What Norway Tax can do for you

    We can help employers at every stage of their dealings with the Norwegian Tax authorities (Skatteetaten) from meeting your obligations for registering as an employer in Norway; ensuring their employees are properly registered with the authorities in Norway; ensuring that the correct National Insurance is paid in the correct country – and that the most beneficial tax structure is created; through to dealing with returns to COFTA and to the Inland Revenue in the UK.

    Angus Nicolson can get tax demands struck off

    We are a-melding compliant and can file electronically

    We can use our fully compliant software to record pay and expenses and prepare payslips that are approved by the Tax authorities in Norway, and provide us with all the information you will need for the UK Inland Revenue, and your accountants.

    Unlike other payroll bureaux, we make sure your employees receive a Norway compliant payslip each and every month to evidence the taxable income and tax paid in Norway.

    We can help you ensure that you minimise the tax liabilities for the employees and maximise the double tax relief for the employer.

    We can prepare and submit Tax Returns in both the UK and Norway either as part of a package for the employer or on behalf of an individual employee.

    Norway tax can help you keep more of these

    Norwegian Crowns

    If you already deal with the Norwegian tax authorities, then we can review your policies and practices to ensure that you are not making expensive mistakes – neither over or under paying tax in one or both countries.

    Next steps

    Contact us today to discuss what we can do for you or your company.

    Obviously, we can also manage all your UK PAYE liabilities, and can deal with some other jurisdictions and double tax agreements – contact us for more details.