Norwegian tax in Aberdeen

An Aberdeen office?

The firm started in Stornoway – not Aberdeen – and we quickly realised that our location was an advantage and not a drawback.

In 2012 we opened a second office in Glasgow, and in 2015 we added Kilmarnock, but our philosophy and approach to acting for clients remains the same.

Aberdeen Office for Norwegian tax - in GlasgowWe have looked at opening an office in Aberdeen, but all that would do is to load additional costs onto the business, which we would have to pass on to you – and that means you currently save about 50% on your fees by not having to pay for the costs of an Aberdeen office.

Most of our clients are based outside the North East anyway, so our location is only relevant to a small percentage of our clients for a small percentage of their time.

[If you really insist we’ll double our fees and get an Aberdeen mailing address, but that’s not how we operate]

Can we see you in Aberdeen?

Of course. Not being based in Aberdeen doesn’t stop us visiting to see clients and support them as and when required. We are only a short train journey away, and with regular visits we can see you as and when required.

So how do we operate?

The internet is the basis for the service delivery – if you are in Norway and need advice, it doesn’t matter if we are in Aberdeen, Glasgow or Timbuctoo as long as we can answer your questions, deliver the service, and minimise your tax liabilities.

We are constantly on email and don’t do the 9-5 as our clients don’t do the 9-5 either.

Do you visit Norway?

Yes, but…. having a presence in Norway would expose us Norwegian taxes we want to sidestep, which is the exact basis on which we give you advice.

We have specialist tax advice in Norway from an Advokat (Tax QC) and we plan to have a formal relationship with a Norwegian based tax specialist in the next few months.  However, our advice and overall approach to Norwegian taxes has been checked and approved by Skatteetaten, the Advokat and by Norwegian based clients with whom we deal on a regular basis.


We can deliver the full service to you, but without the full padded costs of the Granite City which is the best possible situation for our clients.