Norwegian tax assessments

Hold your breath, but it looks like the 2013 tax assessments are being uploaded to Altinn tonight.

tax assessments norwayWhen the assessments arrive, please check that they look as you would expect and that there have been no changes between the information supplied and the final tax assessments.

If there are changes, you may want to contact us to find out what can be done.

If you believe that there are changes to the assessment required, then please send us all the supporting information, which might include:

  • Letter from HMRC confirming that your spouse’s income is less than c.43,000kr = c.£4,500 for 2013/14.  P60 forms are not acceptable for some unknown reason; nor are SA302 forms although they should be and we will use them.
  • A completed seaman’s form to claim the allowance (preferably signed by the captain) along with a copy of your discharge book
  • Details of actual time spent in Norway if the personal allowance is too low
  • If the assessment looks totally wrong, then we want full details of your income in Norway – payslips and End of Year Certificate (lønns-og trekkoppgave or RF-1015 form)
  • If you are a Norwegian resident, then wealth tax information may also be required.

Submitting appeals against tax assessments

All appeals should be submitted within 30 days of the tax assessments being issued.  Some late appeals have been entertained – we have a pretty good record in being successful with late appeals – but we would rather be on time than sorry.

If you have paid us to submit your 2013 Norwegian Tax Return, then the appeal costs are included in that fee.

If you asked us to submit your 2013 Norwegian Tax Return but haven’t paid us yet — well just guess what you have to do to get on our good side!

If you didn’t ask us to submit your 2013 Norwegian Tax Return, then contact us about what we can do for you.