Registration at Tax Offices (update)

A number of our clients are reporting that they have been to the Tax Office in Norway to prove their identity as advised on previous correspondence from Skatteetaten.

The latest update is that the tax office are apparently being advised by the tax officers that you do not need to attend for registration if:

  • You already have a D Number, or
  • You work on an offshore installation, or
  • You have residency permits, or
  • You can submit a Rf1199 by post with proof of ID

Basically, it seems that if you are actively in the system and complying you don’t need to bother, but as we haven’t got that in writing, please don’t take it as Gospel.

Our advice is that: if you have the opportunity to visit the tax office then do so, but there seems to be little urgency for those who already comply with the requirements.