Other services

We can offer a large range of complimentary services

Visit our partner sites where we can provide you with a wide range of additional complimentary services:

Nicolson Accountancy

A leading firm of multi-award winning Scottish Accountants, based in Stornoway and Glasgow, who can provide your with the full range of tax and company services.  Specialising in helping small businesses get bigger, and in providing a personalised service to each and every client.

Payroll Scotland

A BACS accredited payroll bureau that processes in excess of £30 million per annum in payroll.  Our clients range from single-director companies through to companies with over 500 employees.  We can handle all aspects of your payroll from complete management of your Auto Enrolment through to all the standard (and non-standard) additions and deductions.

Seaman’s Tax

Our specialist site for information for merchant seamen and others who may qualify for Seafarers Earnings Deduction.  We act for over 200 seafarers and claim about £1,000,000 in tax refunds each year.

Dutch Tax

In addition to our Norwegian Tax service, we offer a similar service for Dutch tax, and this is the portal for our clients to reach us.