Tax return for 2016 – new rules

Your Tax Return for 2016 is now available on Altinn and new rules apply to filing for this year.

These changes are hugely important and need to be adhered to by anyone and everyone who has worked in Norway in 2016.

Please circulate this to anyone who may be affected so they are aware of the changes.

The new rules

  • Your Tax Return for 2016 has to be filed electronically
  • Your Tax Return for 2016must be filed by 31 May or face a daily fine of 524.50 kr per day
  • The daily fine is capped at 100 days or  52,450 kr

What you have to do

  • Ensure you have Altinn access and the account is not locked. If it is, you should request it to be unlocked and take screenshots of the electronic requests (allow 21 days)
  • Ensure that Skatteetaten have your correct and current home address. If you have moved, you need to submit this form on paper to Skatteetaten (allow 28 days)
  • Ensure that you have current and valid Pin Codes to access Altinn (allow 10 days)

What we need from you

  • You must allow us access to Altinn
  • You must provide us with details of your income in Norway
  • If you are a seaman, we need a scan of your Discharge Book for 2016
  • If you are a new client we will need a scan of your passport photo page and proof of address

What happens next

  • We will invoice you £250 + VAT for this service payable in advance
  • We will submit your tax return for 2016
  • We will deal with any appeal
  • We will advise you of the outcome of the process

Next steps for the Tax Return for 2016

Contact Sue, Angus or Donnie on 0141 237 3878 for help and support.